Danabol DS 10


Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Brand: Body Research
Package: 10mg (500 pills)


Dianabol DS 10 from Body Research is an oral steroid whose active component is Metandienone (Dianabol). Dianabol improves bone density, physical strength, hunger and suppresses catabolic processes. It is a testosterone derivative with increased anabolic properties and decreased androgenic properties. Dianabol is not available in pharmacies, but you can buy it at a reasonable price on our site.

Effects of Dianabol

The key properties of the drug are:

· Suppresses catabolic processes.

· Accelerates muscle growth.

· Increase appetite.

Strengthens the bone tissue.

· Increases the athlete's physical strength and endurance.

How to take Dbol tablets

People with heart and liver problems, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, and other serious health problems should avoid taking the drug. To avoid liver-related side effects, the cycle should not last more than 6 weeks. Dianabol should be taken with a daily dosage of 30mg. It is preferable to divide the entire dose into three or four portions and take them at regular intervals throughout the day.

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Methandienone oral


10mg (500 pills)


Body Research


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