Substance: Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Brand: Alpha Pharma
Package: 10mg (50 pills)


Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma contains Oxandrolone (also known as Anavar), one of the lightest drugs in sports pharmacology. Due to its modest effectiveness, many novice bodybuilders choose not to take this steroid. However, many athletes who have previously used sports drugs have achieved impressive results with its help. The first version of this steroid was created for use in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments in women and children. However, athletes began to notice its high anabolic action and low androgenic action over time. It has since been actively employed to improve sports results.

Effectiveness of Anavar Pills

Before starting the cycle, the athlete must pass all the required exams and seek professional advice. By using Anavar, you can achieve the following results in just one cycle:

Accelerated high-quality muscle growth

Promotes the natural synthesis processes of somatotropin

· Gives definition to the muscles

· It increases the indicators of physical well-being

Helps speed up recovery processes after intense workouts

How to properly take Oxandrolone pills

Anavar is commonly used in cutting cycles to give definition to muscle mass, improve physical fitness indicators, and speed up fat cell division processes. This steroid is sometimes used as a bridge between one cycle and another.

Both men and women can use this steroid. However, if the daily dose for women is 10-20mg, that for men is 20-60mg. The hiring should not last for more than two months. Anavar can be used together with other sports drugs to optimize the effectiveness of the cycle.

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10mg (50 pills)


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